Software: Microsoft OfficeRobert Renthal

Professor of Biochemistry

The University of Texas at San Antonio


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BIO 5833: Membrane Structure and Function

BIO 5113: Principles of Biochemistry

BIO 3513: Biochemistry






Transmembrane helix surfaces

Free energy of bacterio-opsin helix-helix interaction

Transmembrane helix-helix association: relative stabilities at low pH

An unfolding story of helical transmembrane proteins

Buried water molecules in helical transmembrane proteins

Helix insertion into bilayers and the evolution of membrane proteins

Interaction of a two-transmembrane-helix peptide with lipid bilayers and dodecyl sulfate micelles

Integral membrane protein fragment recombination after transfer from nanolipoprotein particles to bicelles

Kinetics of lipid mixing between bicelles and nanolipoprotein particles





Ant antennal glands

Structure and distribution of antennal sensilla of the red imported fire ant

Apolipophorin-III-like protein expressed in the antenna of the red imported fire ant

Antennal glands and ant phylogeny

The major antennal chemosensory protein of red imported fire ant workers

Quantitative analysis of pheromone-binding protein specificity

Surface polar lipids differ in male and female Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae)


Cell imaging


Luminescence resonance energy transfer in the cytoplasm of live Escherichia coli cells